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Payment Anchor

The prices for a week in the project are:

  • Individual - 850€

  • Student - 750€

The prices above are per person. The maximum number of participants is 6 per week. Students are entitled to a 100€ discount, We accept high school, college and university students (to verify, please send us your student identification documents).

In order to participate in the Project, applicants must be:

  • Older than 18 years old. Minors from 11-17 years old may participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will be fully responsible for them throughout the Project.

  • Able to speak English or Greek in order to communicate with other project participants and team members. Seminars are also held in English and Greek.

  • Highly adaptable with life on a boat.

  • A good swimmer.

  • In a good physical and mental health. All project participants must inform MOm of any possible physical/medical conditions before coming to the field.

  • Willing to share a room with people of the opposite sex.

To participate in this volunteering project, please fill out the application form below and send any related documents to the project coordinator at If you can't see the form, please click here

When your application is approved, we will contact you so that you can proceed to payment.

Payments can be made via:

  • Bank deposit 
    National Bank of Greece 
    Account Number: 040/63594503
    ΙBAN: GR3101100400000004063594503

  • PayPal

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation, MOm will return 80% of the total amount if the cancellation takes place 30 days or more before the booked date. If it takes place later, MOm will retain the full amount. In case of cancellation on MOm's behalf, a full refund will be made.

Application Form
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