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Every morning, after the participants have had their breakfast and prepared their lunch, they head out to the port and board our 13 meter-long research vessel,"IFAW - Odysseia". It's a traditionally crafted Greek caique, fully modernized and equiped with the latest in safety and research equipment. It is equiped with a kitchen, bathroom and shower, as well as two cabins for the participants to rest if necessary. The captain is a local resident of the island with decades of nautical experience, who knows every nook and cranny in the National Marine Park. During the surveys in the field the participants will look out to the open sea for any signs of dolphins using the equipment provided by the project and will take pictures that are going to be used later on to identify individuals and groups in order to catalog the local dolphin population. Because this activity can be challenging, each expedition includes several breaks in beautiful, secluded and inaccessible beaches to have a snack or a lunch, rest and swim. The participants are always encouraged to record and photograph their experiences, so if you have any special equipment, you are welcome to bring it on board and use it. If you wish to scuba dive or snorkel, being an experienced diver is required. The expeditions are, however, always dependent on the weather conditions, because even slightly rough seas make it nearly impossible to spot dorsal fins at a distance. In any case, the participants will have the chance to visit other parts of the island, go hiking and sightseeing and experience the local culture during the time they would otherwise be out to sea. 

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